Who we are ...

After a long journey researching and creating, designing and building, inventing and imagining children’s teaching material, under the name “El Pájaro Carpintero”, one good day came the opportunity to make an exchange by setting up an installation at a children’s playground. After the rewarding experience, a new world was opened to me, that of the game facilities on the street. This is how I became interested in these new large format materials and started to design, not only new pieces, but new play spaces. Currently from the company of children’s and family facilities “El Pájaro Jocs”, we have created different collections of large-format games that offer fun and entertainment for different age groups. One of our goals is to offer spaces where the whole family can participate, share and dialogue, through playing. Making the play act a language by itself.

The exciting path that fortunately we begin in 2010 with the construction of the first pieces of wood for children’s teaching material, seems to be taking new forms with the current large-format game installations, and its essence remains as intense as the first day, accompanying us in this dream come true.

Photos & video: Xavi Moya