Experimentation and free playground

“Everyone can be creative, it only takes time and space ” (R. Nicholson)


Play is one of the ways in which children acquire knowledge, it is a source of learning. It is one of the first languages of communication and dialogue for a child, whether individual or shared, makes the individual communicate with their environment and become self-aware.

The space consists of quality material, educational and renowned teaching lines.

All the material is made by us, made of noble wood and respecting the environment. During the free passage of the space to be explored, children are offered the opportunity to experiment with wood and other materials by blowing their imagination into symbolic and sensory play, with the aim of encouraging curiosity and the desire to ‘experiment … We want to arouse the curiosity of children who want to understand the world by asking themselves questions.

PHotos & video: Xavi Moya


The facility can cover an area of ​​between 150 and 200 square meters. It is designed for children from 0 to 6 years old but has no age limit.

It consists of several areas: Pikler structures; sensory play; symbolic play; constructions, puzzles, cereal sandbox, etc.

It has no CAPACITY LIMIT. In addition, more than one child can use the same structure DIFFERENT GAMES can be deployed based on the needs of the site

Despite the solidness of these furniture, as with natural wood, the installation CANNOT BE UNDER THE RAIN.

It can be mounted both INDOORS and OUTDOORS.

In the hottest months of the year we prefer it to be in a shaded area. It takes 1 HOUR to assemble and 1 HOUR to disassemble.

If the floor is FLAT, it is better for everyone.

The TRUCK must be able to reach the installation site All the paints and oils used to protect the structures are also ECOLOGICAL

We will need some space to store the toys in the shed if it is contracted for more than one day The facility enjoys a CIVIL LIABILITY insurance