Sonarium, the journey of the senses

“Listening to a child’s music is being in tune with their rhythms and melodies. It is about sharing and enjoying an experience that is mutually rewarding.”


Sonarium is a space for children where communication takes place through sound games.

We have created a play area for children between zero and five years of age where the focus is on sound. To do this, we use tuned musical instruments installed in different structures, allowing children to experiment in a way that comes easily and naturally to them.

One of the aims of Sonarium, and perhaps the most important one, is to have fun. At that age it is not about children becoming musicians, but rather about getting them to play with music, playing instruments and awakening them to the language of music, following their instinct to create authentic expressive works of art, and communicating on a level beyond words.

The material is arranged so that the children can experiment with sound creations alongside their parents, guardians, etc.

Photos & video: Xavi Moya


The facility can cover a SURFACE ranging 100-150 square meters.

And it is designed for 0-4 YEARS OLD CHILDREN.

It has NO ALLOWANCE LIMIT. Plus, more than one children can use the same structure

DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS can be deployed depending on the needs of the place

All instruments are TUNED

Despite the solidity of these pieces of furniture, just like natural wood, the installation CAN NOT BE UNDER THE RAIN.

We can play OUTDOORS and INDOORS

It takes us 1 HOUR to build up and 1 HOUR to dismantle

If the ground is PLAIN it is better for all.

We need to PARK THE TRUCK CLOSE to the installation area.

All the paints and oils used to protect the structures are also ECOLOGICAL

And we’ll need some SPACE TO STORE the toys if more than one day is contracted

The installation takes advantage of a LIABILITY INSURANCE