Wood cutting, creativity in the family

“The result of creative research is always amazing …”


Wood cutting is an interactive and creative installation-workshop. It is a space for family creation aimed at audiences of all ages, from the age of five. It consists of workbenches of different sizes, panels with tools and all the necessary material to experiment and become aware of the profession of carpenter.

Through the free construction of different elements according to the concerns of the participants, individually or collectively, we are entering the exciting world of wood and creativity.

One of the things that excites the most about this installation is to see how young and old have a great time and have a shared time with the whole family.

PHotos & video: Xavi Moya


The installation can cover an area of between 100 and 150 m2

It is designed for all ages from 5 years

Users are provided with protective material (gloves, goggles, etc.)

Despite the solidness of these furniture, as with natural wood, the installation CANNOT BE UNDER THE RAIN.

It can be mounted OUTDOORS and INDOORS

It takes 1 HOUR to assemble and 1 HOUR to disassemble

If the floor is FLAT, it is better for everyone.

It is necessary that we can enter with the van in the assembly site.

All the paints and oils used to protect the structures are also ECOLOGICAL

We will need some space to store the toys in the shed if it is contracted for more than one day

The facility enjoys a CIVIL LIABILITY insurance