Little Dreams

“Playing without competition, based on our own interpretation, guides us to our own exploration and, thus, to a better understanding of our personality ”


LITTLE DREAMS is a place for families with children from 0 to 3 years old.

We have built a space of creativity, free expression, personal and environmental exploration that generates dialogue and communication.

A place, a small dream where everyone feels in harmony.

Starting from the circle as the origin of sharing with others and with the environment we manage to make this journey of sensations through the material we offer in the space Little Dreams.

So, under a wooden geodesic dome that spreads five petals around it, we install a very organic material, with different shapes and textures, always using natural wood as the basis of our creations.

Photos & video: Xavi Moya


The facility can cover an area of ​​between 150 and 200 square meters.

It offers a shade space thanks to its white fabrics.

It is designed for boys and girls 0-3 YEARS OLD.

Although it has NO CAPACITY LIMIT we try to keep the space free for the little ones.

All instruments are finely TUNED

Despite the solidness of these furniture, as in the case of natural wood, the installation CANNOT BE UNDER THE RAIN.

Can be set up and played OUTDOORS and INDOORS

It takes 2 HOURS to build up and 2 HOURS to dismantle.

If the floor is FLAT, it is better for everyone.

We need to enter the set up area by VAN.

All the paints and oils used to protect the structures are ECOLOGICAL

We will need some space to STORE THE MATERIAL indoors if you contract more than one day

The facility enjoys a CIVIL LIABILITY insurance