Traditional games rural style

“Street is a public space and play is a cultural good for all ages”


The interest in reviving the search for the essence of the game as a human differential fact, as well as the recovery of the public space that belongs to the people and the expressions and relationships that are created in it, are the driving forces behind this project.

The street is a public space and play is a cultural good for all ages.

The combination of the two is a socio-cultural good, which will hence grow better   human relationships as inhabitants of a society. We understand play as a tool that helps us to express ourselves through our language to our closest people, and also to interact with us intergenerationally. The game is synonymous to recreation, fun, joy and, at the same time, is a tool for the exchange of knowledge, sensations, information, emotions…

Photos & video: Xavi Moya


The facility can cover an area of between 150 and 200 square meters.

It is designed for all ages from 4 years.


DIFFERENT GAMES can be deployed depending on the space needs.

Despite the solidness of these furniture, as with natural wood, the installation CANNOT BE UNDER THE RAIN.

It can be mounted both INDOOR and OUTDOOR!

It takes 1 HOUR to assemble and 1 HOUR to dismantle

If the floor is FLAT, it is better for everyone.

It is necessary to be able to enter with the TRUCK to the mounting area to LOAD and DOWNLOAD.

All the paints and oils used to protect the structures are also ECOLOGICAL

We will need some space to store the toys in the shed if it is contracted for more than one day

The facility enjoys a CIVIL LIABILITY insurance